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European Tort Law

Liber amicorum for Helmut Koziol

Ulrich Magnus and Jaap Spier

This publication deals with central aspects of European tort law. Most of the contributions are written from a comparative perspective and with a view towards the unification of European tort law. Much debated developments in important areas, e.g. psychological lesion, product liability, the compensation of non-pecuniary loss and problems known under the headings «wrongful birth/wrongful life», are discussed, taking into account recent court decisions both on the national and European levels. Two contributions dealing with comparative institutional analysis and economic analysis of the law represent modern approaches to the evaluation and future development of tort law in general. This truly European orchestra on tort law is completed by an analysis of Eastern European sources – which shed light onto the dogmatic foundations and the desirability of general presumptions of fault – and the experience of a mixed jurisdiction (South Africa).
Contents: Francesco Donato Busnelli: Dommage Biologique: Une Expérience Italienne; un Modèle pour l’Europe? – Franz Bydlinski: Das Kind als Schadensursache im Österreichischen Recht – Suzanne Carval: La responsabilité délictuelle du fait d’autrui en droit francais: changements récents et perspectives d’avenir – Giovanni Comandé: Comparative Institutional Analysis: Modest Hints for Trimming Social Sails among Torts, Insurance, Criminal Sanctions and Regulations – Bill W. Dufwa: The Swedish Model of Personal Injury Compensation Law Reconsidered – Michael G. Faure: Compensation of Non-Pecuniary Loss: An Economic Perspective – Konstantinos D. Kerameus: Instances and Consequences of Illegal Enforcement – Ulrich Magnus: Remarks on Psychic Causation – Miquel Martín Casals: Wrongful Conception and Wrongful Birth Cases in Spanish Law: Two Wrongs in Search of a Right – Johann Neethling: Delictual Liability for Psychological Lesions in South African Law – Willibald Posch: Reforming European Product Liability Law: What May be Expected From the «Green Paper Interrogatory» – W. V. Horton Rogers: Liability for Failure to Prevent Self-inflicted Harm: Suicide in Custody – Bernd Schilcher: Ziele, Aufbau und Prinzipien einer Neuordnung des Österreichischen Schadensersatzrechts – Jaap Spier: Compensation for Loss of Spare Time? – Michael R. Will/Vladimir V. Vodinelic: Generelle Verschuldensvermutung - das unbekannte Wesen. Osteuropäische Angebote zum Gemeineuropäischen Deliktsrecht?