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From the «Tractatus» to the «Tractatus» and Other Essays


Gianluigi Oliveri

Contents: Gianluigi Oliveri: Introduction – David Pears: Was the Early Wittgenstein a Solipsist? – Eros Corazza: Understanding ‘I’: A Wittgensteinian Perspective – János Laki: The Fall of the «Two-Steps Model» – Hans-Johann Glock: Sense and Meaning in Frege and the Tractatus – Severin Schroeder: Elucidation and Ostensive Explanation – Kathrin Glüer: Wittgenstein and Davidson on Agreement in Judgment – Mathieu Marion: Operations and Numbers in the Tractatus – Wolfgang Kienzler: About the Dividing Line between Early and Late Wittgenstein – P.D.M. Spelt/Brian McGuinness: Marginalia in Wittgenstein’s Copy of Lamb’s Hydrodynamics – Denis Paul: Frege Notes.