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Integrating Concepts of Sustainability into Education for Agriculture and Rural Development


Wout van den Bor, Peter Holen, Arjen E.J. Wals and Walter Leal Filho

Contents: W. van den Bor/P. Holen/A.E.J. Wals: Introducing sustainability in higher education: a concept in progress – J. Bryden/M. Shucksmith: The concept of sustainability in relation to agriculture and rural development in the European Union – N. Röling: Sustainability as an outcome of human interaction: Implications for curricula in higher agricultural education in industrialised countries – S. O' Reilly: The role of development ethics and ‘the right to food’ in the analysis of sustainability – A. Dreyfus/A.E.J. Wals: Anchor points for integrating sustainability in higher agricultural education – T. Shallcross/J. Robinson: A deep green ethical activity? Educating for sustainability in teacher education in the UK – A. Koutsouris: Curricular debates vis a vis sustainability – C. Francis/J. Helenius/G. Lieblein/J. Porter/H. Olsen/L. Salomonsson: Conceptual foundation for innovative education in agroecology – J. Helenius: Sustainability in agroecology – E. Goewie: Sustainability in agronomy education – M. Adomßent: Signs, traces and integration of the sustainability concept in higher agricultural education in Germany – W. L. Filho: Recognising and addressing misconceptions on the concept of sustainability at university level – J. Shute/T. Michaels: Sustainable agricultural curricula: between evolution and revolution – M. Slavík/I. Miller: Sustainable agriculture and rural development in the teaching process in agricultural education: a case study from the Czech Republic – E. Sfakiotakis/S. Sakellariadis: A pilot training programme on sustainability for higher agricultural education in Northern Greece – S. Benn: Progress towards education for sustainability at USNW – L. Grant/K. Walker: Sustainability at the University of Technology, Sydney - a holistic approach – A. Schutte/F. Dröge: Integrating sustainability at the Van Hall Instituut – M. Bras-Klapwijk/A. de Haan/K. Mulder: Training of lecturers to integrate sustainability in the engineering curricula – R. Bawden: The cautionary tale of the Hawkesbury Experience: a case study of reform in agricultural education – W. van den Bor/P. Holen/A.E.J. Wals: Sustainability in higher (agricultural) education: a synthesis.