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Signs of Culture: Simulacra and the Real


Wojciech Kalaga and Tadeusz Rachwal

Contents: Krzysztof Knauer: Baudrillard, America, and White Mythologies – Tomasz Kowalewski: Postmodernity and Nostalgia for Rural Life and Community: Constructions and Fabrications – Tadeusz Rachwał: Innocence, Beauty and the Scholar. On Exploration of Beautiful Scenes (with a Short Trip to Bali) – Geoff Ridden: Finding a Voice for Mourning: Elegies for Diana, Princess of Wales – Katarzyna Więckowska: ‘The stories we are made of.’ Defining women through genres of popular fiction – Elżbieta Rokosz-Piejko: Gold Mountain People - Chinese American «Strangers» in Maxine Hong Kingston’s Prose – Marek Wilczyński: The Cracks in the Walls. Lovecraft’s Hyperreality of New England – Ewa Borkowska: The «Culture» Of Simulation – David Malcolm: Telling the Real in Contemporary British Fiction – David Jarrett: Regions in Cyberspace: A Postmodern Reading of the Map of Manchester – Maciej Nowak: Ironist’s Preys. Simulating/Dissimulating Senses in Don Juan – Andrzej Wicher: J.R.R. Tolkien’s Quarrel with Modernity. Some Reflections on Tolkien’s Practical Philosophy – Marta Zając: Only Differences Can Resemble Each Other, or On Folds – Małgorzata Nitka: Jeremy Bentham and the Anatomy of Spectacle – Leszek Drong: Simulatory Representation and Iconographic Substitution – Jacek Gutorow: Simulacra as Icons (five annotations) – Debra Benita Shaw: Virtually Human: Replication & Subjectivity in Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner – William Beard: Clint Eastwood as a Virtual Hero – Paweł Polit: Lacanian Psychoanalysis and the Possibility of the Subject in the Work of Bruce Nauman.