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Naturalism in the Cognitive Sciences and the Philosophy of Mind


Sandro Nannini and Hans Jörg Sandkühler

Contents: Dirk Koppelberg: Forms of Naturalism in the Philosophy of Mind – Harald Schmidt: Trying to make an unfriendly take-over look like an offer for cooperation or: Never try to jump on a train that is pulling out of the station - some objections to Dirk Koppelberg’s cooperative naturalism – Dirk Koppelberg: Why Opt for Cooperative Naturalism? - Response to Harald Schmidt – Sandro Nannini: Cognitive Naturalism in the Philosophy of Mind – Jürgen Hanken: Some Objections to Sandro Nannini’s «Naturalism in the philosophy of mind» – Sandro Nannini: Response to Jürgen Hanken – Domenico Parisi: The Naturalization of Humans – Jacob Bösenberg: Comment on D. Parisi’s «The naturalization of humans» – Domenico Parisi: Response to Jacob Bösenberg – Jürgen Schröder: Naturalizing Consciousness by Reductive Explanations – Carlo Cecchetto/Luigi Rizzi: A Naturalistic Approach to Language – Achim Stephan: Reductionism and Naturalization – Geert Keil: Naturalism in the Philosophy of Mind - and what is wrong with it – Jochen Holzner: Abstract and three Questions – Geert Keil: Replies – Hans Jörg Sandkühler: Naturalism in the Philosophy of Mind? For a Philosophical Alternative – Christine Häßler: Some Critical Comments on Sandkühler’s Philosophical Alternative to Naturalism in the Philosophy of Mind – Hans Jörg Sandkühler: Response to Christine Häßler.