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Aspects of Sustainable Economic Development


Gustav Dieckheuer and Boguslaw Fiedor

Contents: Franciszek Adamczuk/Jan Rymarczyk: Ecological Problems of the Polish-German Border Region – Bożena Baborska: Sustainable Agriculture - Some Problems of Theory and Practice – Thomas Bittner: Are there lessons from the German Wirtschaftswunder for the transitional economies? – Jürgen E. Blank: Sustainable Use and Conservation of Marine Living Resources – Hartmut Clausen: Aspects of Sustainable Development in Waste Management – Stanisław Czaja/Bogusław Fiedor: Natural Capital, Sustainability of Development and Intergenerational Equity – Malgorzata Domiter/Elzbieta Mirecka: Foreign investments as a factor of economic growth - Polish and German experiences – Matthias Göcke: Investment, Schooling and the Conditions for Endogenous Growth – Andrzej Graczyk/Zbigniew Jakubczyk: Analysis of eco-development in Poland with use of pollutiogeny indexes – Zbigniew Jakubczyk/Sabina Kauf: Logistics Within the Framework of Market-oriented Environmental Protection Strategies – Bozena Klimczak: Ethical Aspects of Sustainable Development – Irena Kociszewska: The Ecologization of Polish Agriculture – Jerzy Kociszewski: Economic Restructuring and the Determinants of Economic Growth – Christian Lütke Wöstmann: Poverty, Growth and the Environment – Eric C. Meyer: Social Aspects of Sustainability – Rafał Miłaszewski: Application of economic instruments in water pollution control – Marian Noga: Sustainable development and the paradigm of modern neoclassical economics – Jerzy Rymarczyk: International Free Trade and the Problem of Environmental Protection.