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Strategy and International Politics

Essays in Memory of Werner Kaltefleiter


Robert Pfaltzgraff and William R. Van Cleave

Contents: Robert L. Pfaltzgraff, Jr./William R. Van Cleave: Introduction – Hans Kammler: Theories of International Politics: Pushing Back the Limits – Erich Weede: The Effects on Economic Growth, Clashes of Civilizations, and Capitalist Values on Future Relations between China and the West – Colin Gray: Inescapable Geography – R. Daniel McMichael: Building Consensus for 21st Century Security Policy – Robert L. Pfaltzgraff, Jr.: International Security: Policy and Strategy – Margo D.B. Carlisle: Congress and U.S. National Security Policy – Edward Keynes: The Constitution, Congress, and Presidential War-Making – Holger H. Mey: Germany’s Role in International Politics – Michael Rühle: NATO: Into the 21st Century – Jacquelyn K. Davis: Trends Affecting Future Warfare – William R. Van Cleave: Missile Defense: Issues and Prospects – Jörg Brechtefeld: Terrorism and Weapons of Mass Destruction – Iain Elliot: Conflict in the Russian Federation: The Tragedy of Chechnya – Robert Harkavy: Escalation Ladders and Escalation Dominance: From the Central Nuclear Balance to New Regional Conflicts – Gottfried-Karl Kindermann: East Asia in 20th Century International Relations.