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Approaches to the Pragmatics of Scientific Discourse


András Kertész

Contents: Gunther Dietz: The pragmatics of scientific titles formulated as questions – András Kertész: Scientific inquiry as a dialogue game: the case for ‘soft disciplines’ – Françoise Salager-Meyer: «This book portrays the worst form of mental terrorism»: critical speech acts in medical English book reviews (1940-2000) – Svitlana Zhabotynska: Author-profile in scholarly papers: Anglo-American vs. Ukrainian/Russian – Jean-Pierre Courtial: Cognition in language use: pointing out relational structure of scientific texts – Judit Gervain: When Chomsky meets Searle: an argumentation theoretical analysis of the debate between Chomsky and Searle – András Kertész: Metascience and the metaphorical structure of scientific discourse – Maria Tarantino: Heuristic approach to knowledge, language and meaning advancement: the conceptualization of light and the identification of HIV/AIDS – László Tarnay: Contexts, utterances and argumentation: are truth considerations entirely pragmatic or empty?