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Women Farmers

Enhancing Rights, Recognition and Productivity


Patrick Webb and Katinka Weinberger

Contents: Patrick Webb/Jennifer Coates/Katinka Weinberger: Despite Discrimination: The Success of Women Farmers in a World of Constraints – Anita Spring: Positive Effects of Agricultural Commercialisation on Women Farmers: A New Paradigm – Michael Bruentrup: Cashing in on Technological Change: Women and Cotton in Benin – Shantana R. Halder: Weaving the Fabric of Agriculture: Sericulture in Bangladesh – Bola Akanji: Traded and Non-Traded Commodities in Nigeria’s «Traditional Agriculture» – Dorrit R. Posel: Women Wait, Men Migrate: Gender Inequality and Migration Decisions in South Africa – Egnonto M. Koffi-Tessio: Does More Education Lead to Higher Production or Flight from Agriculture? – Farzana Bari: Paradox in Pakistan: High Farm Earnings But Low Social Status – Josef Kienzle/Úna Murray: Re-Tooling: Gender Dimensions of Agricultural Production Technology – Anne Floquet: Can Technologies be Targeted Towards Women’s Needs? A Case Study from Benin – Robert Otsyina/Bakengesa Siima: Fodder Banking in Peri-Urban Dairy Production: The Experience of Tanzanian Women – Katinka Weinberger: The Determinants of Women’s Participation in Rural Chad – Zhu Ling/Jiang Zhongyi: Gender Inequality in the Land Tenure System of China – Renée Giovarelli/Jennifer Duncan: Women and Rural Land Rights in Transition Countries: A Comparative Perspective – Monica Fong: Gender Analysis in Sector Wide Assistance in Agriculture.