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Innovation and Continuity in English Studies

A Critical Jubilee


Herbert Grabes

Contents: Ian Kirby: IAUPE Past and Present – Hazard Adams: What Rough Beast? – Todd K. Bender: Innovation and Continuity in English Studies – Murray Krieger: Theory, Post-Theory, and the Fate of the «Literary» – Sergio Perosa: Why English Literature? – Roger Sell: Communication: A Counterbalance to Professional Specialisation – Ulrich Broich: Does the Canon Have a Future in English Studies? – Lawrence Lerner: Representing the Oppressed – Jean-Jacques Lecercle: Nursery Rhymes and History: Poetry as Induction – J. R. Watson: The Changing Landscape: Some Dates in Romantic Period English Studies, 1951 to 2001 – Emory Elliott: Cultural Diversity and the Problem of Aesthetics – Ihab Hassan: Counterpoints: Nationalism, Colonialism, Multiculturalism, and Spirit – Edwin Thumboo: «Strands in the Labels - Innovation and Continuity in English Studies: A View From Singapore» – Kaiser Haq: «The times they are a-changing», even in an LDC: Musings on English Studies from Dhaka – Okifumi Komesu: The Creative Circle in the Intercultural Literary Process – Yoshihiko Ikegami: Between Language and Literature, Philology and Linguistics: An Historical Review of English Studies in Japan – Norman Blake: The History of the English Language – Matti Rissanen: Variation, Change and New Evidence in the Study of the History of English – Dieter Kastovsky: Local and Global-Typological Changes in the History of English: Two Complementary Perspectives – Hans Sauer: The Old English Suffix -el/-il/-ol/-ul/-l (>ModE -le, cf. beetle, girdle, thistle) as Attested in the Épinal-Erfurt Glossary – Arne Zettersten: On English Lexicography at the Turn of the Millennium.