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Scales, Hierarchies and Emergent Properties in Ecological Models


Franz Hölker

Contents: F. Hölker/B. Breckling/C. E. W. Steinberg: Scales, hierarchies and emergent properties in ecological models - Introduction to the contributions – F. Hölker/B. Breckling: Concepts of scales, hierarchies and emergent properties in ecological models – W. Kurth: Spatial structure, sensitivity and communication in rule-based models – H. Thulke: Unschärfebeziehung zwischen «Detailiertheit» und «Komplexität» beim Modellieren - Crux oder Chance? – R. Brüggemann/T. Wilhelm: Scaling laws by randomly generated networks – M. Hinsch/T. Assmann: Bottom-up creation of allele frequency differentiation in Carabus auronitens – G. Buck-Sorlin: Vom Genotyp zum virtuellen Phänotyp – H. Dzierzon/W. Kurth: LIGNUM: A Finnish tree growth model and its interface to the French’ AMAPmod database – G.A. Anzola Jürgenson: NEXUS: An example for the interconnection of structural and microclimate models – F. Knauft/B. Sloboda: Aspects of individual-based photorealistic visualization in forestry.