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Adolescents’ future-orientation

Theory and research


Janusz Trempala and Lars-Erik Malmberg

Contents: J. Trempała/L-E. Malmberg: Preface – J-E. Nurmi: An introduction: Thinking about, preparing for and negotiating the future – M. Lanz/R. Rosnati: Adolescents’ and young adults’ construction of the future: Effects of family relations, self-esteem, and sense of coherence – E. Confalonieri: A narrative perspective on the future: Transition to adulthood – H. Liberska: Life perspectives of adolescents in the context of social and economic changes in Poland – M. Artar: Comparison of future time perspective of adolescents from an earthquake and a non-earthquake region in Turkey – L-E. Malmberg: Adolescents’ biased means and future expectations – G. Katra: Attributional style, self-esteem, and future time perspective of adolescents – J. Trempała: Models of psychological time in the research on time perspectives – Z. Zaleski: Future horizon: A challenging concept for psychology.