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Investigations into Narrative Structures


Christian Todenhagen and Wolfgang Thiele

Contents: Peter Hühn: Reading Poetry as Narrative: Towards a Narratological Analysis of Lyric Poems – Peter Kastberg: Instructive Narration - Narrative Instruction: On some Narrative Aspects of an Instruction Manual – Wolfgang Lörscher: Discourse and Conversation Analysis: The British and the American Perspective – Albrecht Neubert: The Narration of Translation – Hartmut Stöckl: From Space to Time into Narration - Cognitive and Semiotic Perspectives on the Narrative Potential of Visually Structured Text – Christian Todenhagen: «And» Capitalized in Written Narratives – Martin Trautwein: A Unified Approach to the (Re-)Construction of Temporal Sequences in Narrative Texts – Frank Austermühl: ‘Creating Hope’ - Narrative Structures in Bill Clinton’s Rhetoric – Bernhard Diensberg: Narrative Structures in William Langland’s Piers Plowman – Horst W. Drescher/Wolfgang Thiele: Scots Philosopher Meets Swiss Protestant Clergyman in France: Story of La Roche – Gottfried Graustein: Nominal Complexity and Variation – Andrea Lerner: (E)merging Stories – Clausdirk Pollner: Draculanguage: Varieties of English in Bram Stoker’s Novel – Ingrid Schäfer/Astrid Thiele: Narrative Characteristics of the Russian Bylina – Elmar Schenkel: Unwritten Texts: H.G. Wells’s Exploration of Narrative in his Early Essays – Harriet Spiegel: A Twelfth Century Rape Narrative and its Transformations – Günter Weise: Narrative Transformations: The Case of «Little Red Riding-Hood» – Klaus H. Schmidt: Resonance, Resistance, Real-Life Encounters: (Narrative) Boundary-Crossing in the Early American Contact Zone.