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Teaching-Learning Processes in Vocational Education

Foundations of Modern Training Programmes


Klaus Beck

Contents: Gerald A. Straka/Peter Nenniger/Nike Plaßmeier/Gert Spevacek/Marold Wosnitza: Development, Test and Evaluation of a Further Education Concept for Teachers and Trainers to Promote Motivated Self-Directed Learning in Schools and Companies in Business Education – Beate Hardt/Uwe Kleinbeck: Motivation, Goal Commitment and Action in Learning Processes for Vocational Education – Manfred Prenzel/Klaudia Kramer/Barbara Drechsel: Self-Determined and Interested Learning in Vocational Education – Peter F.E. Sloane: Running into Practice - The Application Transfer between School and Enterprises in the German Dual System of VET – Klaus Beck/Andrea Dransfeld/Gerhard Minnameier/Eveline Wuttke: Autonomy in Heterogeneity? Development of Moral Judgement Behaviour During Business Education – Jürgen van Buer/Sabine Matthäus: The Development of Communicative Competence and Behaviour of Young People in their Business Education and Training – Annette Bauer-Klebl/Dieter Euler/Amgela Hahn: Potential of Classroom Dialogues in Promoting Social Competence – Franz-Josef Kaiser/Volker Brettschneider: Decision-Making Processes in Small Groups within the Case-Study-Method – Frank Achtenhagen: Reality and Complex Teaching-Learning Environments – Jürgen Bloech/Susanne Hartung/Christian Orth: Processes of Learning and Teaching within the Use of Business Games in Continuing Education – Martina Noss/Frank Achtenhagen: Opportunities of Supporting Self-Directed Learning at the Workplace - An Empirical Research on the Training of Bank Employees – Helmut M. Niegemann/Manfred Hofer/Oliver Neff/Eva-Maria Gronki-Jost: Computer Based, Self-Directed Learning in Vocational Education: Theory, Instructional Design, and Evaluation – Detlef Sembill/Karsten D. Wolf/Eveline Wuttke/Lutz Schumacher: Self-Organized Learning in Vocational Education - Foundation, Implementation, and Evaluation – Robin Stark/Hans Gruber/Ludwig Hinkofer/Heinz Mandl/Alexander Renkl: Fostering Applicable and Transferable Knowledge in the Domain of Accounting – Studies on Example-Based Learning – Elsbeth Stern/Carmela Aprea: Effects of Active Graphical Representation on Cross-Content Transfer in Business Education – Hermann G. Ebner/Carmela Aprea: The Impact of Active Graphical Representation on the Acquisition and Application of Knowledge in the Context of Business Education – Ralf Witt: How to Do Things with Knowledge - An Instructional Design for Combining Work, Knowledge and Meta-Knowledge.