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Teaching Sustainability at Universities

Towards curriculum greening


Walter Leal Filho

Contents: Richard M. Clugston: Introduction – Walter Leal Filho: Teaching sustainability: some current and future perspectives – Sharon Moran: Stream Restoration: A Senior Seminar Theme – Diane Pruneau/Elizabeth McLaughlin/Joanne Langis/Helene Gravel: Education for Liveable Cities - Environmental and Pedagogical Actions at the University Level – Peggy Barlett/Arri Eisen: The Piedmont Project at Emory University – Debra Rowe: Environmental Literacy and Sustainability as Core Requirements: Success Stories and Models – Constantina Skanavis: Approaching the Issue of Teaching for Sustainable Development at the University of Aegean, Greece – Sandrine Simon: Participatory online environmental education at the Open University UK – Carole G. Basile/Michael P. Marlow: The Rocky Mountain Front Range: A Context for Sustainable Development in Teacher Education – Margaret B. Bogan: Towards a Sustainable Future: Advocating Best Practice in Environmental Education at the Florida Gulf Coast University – J.G. Ferreira: Teaching sustainability and biodiversity through distance education: are we doing enough? – Janet E. Dyment/Constance L. Russell/Lesley P. Curthoys/Brent Cuthbertson/Tom G. Potter: Sustainability Education in an Outdoor Recreation, Parks and Tourism Programme in Canada – Leesa Fawcett/Anne C. Bell/Constance L. Russell: Guiding Our Environmental Praxis: Teaching and Learning for Social and Environmental Justice – Alison Harmon: Teaching Sustainability Using the Food System as a Model – Rosalyn McKeown/Charles Hopkins: «Weaving Sustainability into Pre-Service Teacher Education Programs» – Scott Carlin: Transitioning to the Sustainable Campus: A Case Study of Southampton College, Long Island University – Ineke C. Lock/William H. Mohns: Creating a course where there wasn’t one before: A Student-Initiated University Seminar in Sustainable Development – Beth Savan/David V.J. Bell: Curriculum Development for Community Sustainability – A.F. Kirkels/A.M.C. Lemmens/F.L.P. Hermans/D.A.A. v. Noort/A.H.M. Siepe: Curriculum Greening at Eindhoven University of Technology – Luis E Velazquez: A Mexican Model for Teaching Sustainability in Universities – Angela Cahill/Linda Chalker Scott: Sustainable Community Landscapes – Mick Womersley/Christopher Marshall: Educating American Youth: Unity College’s Required Courses in Sustainability – N. Dourala/A. Boura/N. Moussiopoulos: Teaching Sustainability at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece – Eric Pallant: Allegheny College: Bringing Sustainability to Northwest Pennsylvania – J.L. Hoeffel/ A.A.B. Fadini/C.F.S. Suarez: Environment, sustainable tourism and academic responsibility – Maria Novo: Higher Environmental Education in the XXI Century: Towards a new Interpretative Paradigm – Niko Roorda: Assessment and Policy Development of Sustainability in Higher Education with AISHE – Evangelia Mavrikaki/Argyris Kyridis: The use of «debates» for promoting sustainable development teaching at Greek Universities – Patricia Phumpiu/Jan-Erik Gustafsson: Raising Awareness on Sustainability via an Integrated Environmental Excursion – John Moore: Observing the Earth, Visualizing the Future: Concepts and Pedagogical Strategies in Earth Systems Science Education in Teaching Sustainability for K-12 Teachers – Maris Klavins: The Concept of Sustainability in University Curricula in Latvia: A Case Study for Countries in Transition – Richard M. Clugston/Wynn Calder/Peter Blaze Corcoran: Teaching Sustainability with the Earth Charter.