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The Middle Eastern Press as a Forum for Literature


Horst Unbehaun

Contents: Uygur Kocabaşoğlu: Literary Serials at the Dawn of Turkish Journalism – Orhan Koloğlu: Ahmed Midhat’s Contribution to the Assimilation of Tanzimat through his Novels Serialized in Newspapers – Christiane Czygan: The Self-portrait of the Yeñi cOsmānlılar Cemcīyeti in the Journal Ḥurrīyet – Nâzım Hikmet Polat: The Magazine Rübap - Mirror of Second Constitution Turkish Culture, Literature and Press Life – Horst Unbehaun: The Newspaper Kızılırmak (Sivas) in the Years 1910-1914 - Cultural and Literary Forum in Anatolian Province – Tim Epkenhans: Plain and Simple? - Reflections on a «Modern» Persian Literature in the Magazine Kāve – Manfred Sing: Between Lights and Hurricanes: Sāmī al-Kayyālī’s Review Al-Ḥadīṯ as a Forum of Modern Arabic Literature and Liberal Islam – Silvia Naef: Literature and Social Criticism in the Iraqi Press of the First Half of the 20th Century - Jacfar al-Khalīlī and the Periodical Al-Hātif – Susanne Bräckelmann: Novelist, Biographer, Essayist: Zaynab Fawwāz (1860-1914) - Pioneer of Female Emancipation in the Egyptian Press – Michael Ursinus: The Ruins of Dura-Europos in the Columns of Zevrā: Aḥmed Şākir Beğ’s Travels Along the Euphrates, Published and Annotated by the Ottoman Provincial Gazette of Baghdad – Anja Pistor-Hatam: Periodicals and the Diffusion of the Orientalist Discourse: H. M. Stanley’s «In Darkest Africa» Presented to the Persian Public – Tobias Heinzelmann: The Hedgehog as Historian - Linguistic Archaism as a Means of Satire in the Early Work of Refik Halid Karay – Gisela Procházka-Eisl: Literature and the Satirical Press in Early Republican Turkey: The Case of the Frog – Evan Siegel: The Use of Classical Iranian Literature in Azerbaijani Satire: The Case of Molla Näsr od-Din – Martin Strohmeier: The Ottoman Press and the Turkish Community in Cyprus (1891-1931).