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Religion, Society and Economics

Eastern and Western Perspectives in Dialogue


Kurvilla Pandikattu and Andreas Vonach

Contents: K. Pandikattu/A. Vonach: Introduction by the Editors – G. Fischer: How can rich people love the poor? Old Testament suggestions for our present day economy – M. Preglau: Disenchantment and re-enchantment of the world: Inescapable dialectics? – M. Jayanth: Ecology, economics and ethics: Sustainable development as a framework for a planetary ethics – W. Guggenberger: Worry, time and the spirit of social systems – B. Repschinski: Of mice and men and Matthew 2 – N. Sheth: Conflict and reconciliation between the Hindu Deities Visnu and Śiva – A. Vonach: In the name of God: The theological and social components of Ancient Israel’s wars and their relationship to some of today’s struggles – R. A. Siebenrock: Christian witness after Christianity: John Henry Newman’s life as an example of theological resposibility in a changing society – K. Pandikattu: Indian Paradox: Scientifically forward, economically backward, spiritually inward – L. Fernando: Socio-economic and political context of India in a pastoral perspective – E. Monteiro: Hindu nationalism and women in India – M. Doss: Jains and Entrepreneurship: Interplay of religion and society towards economic progress – W. Löffler: Financing the churches: Some european systems in comparison – W. Palaver/R. Schwager e.a.: September 11, 2001 and a theology of the signs of the time – M. C. Abraham: Religious Fundamentalism: A psycho-social perspective.