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Essays on Fiscal Sociology


Jürgen G. Backhaus

Contents: Jürgen G. Backhaus: Introduction – Jürgen G. Backhaus: Fiscal Sociology: What For? – Richard E. Wagner: States and the Crafting of Souls: Mind, Society, and Fiscal Sociology – Michael McLure: Approaches to Fiscal Sociology – Giuseppe Eusepi: Public Finance and Welfare: From the Ignorance of the Veil to the Veil of Ignorance – Alexander Ebner: Institutions, Entrepreneurship, and the Rationale of Government: An Outline of the Schumpeterian Theory of the State – Richard E. Wagner: Polycentric Public Finance and the Organization of Governance – Francesco Forte: Fiscal and Monetary Illusion and the Maastricht Rules – Jürgen G. Backhaus: The Impact of Equity Driven Policy Measures on the Equity of the State – Norio Sasaki: German Fiscal Sociology’s Influence on Japan – Norio Sasaki: Goldscheid’s Menschenökonomie from a Modern Perspective – Enrico Schöbel: A Fiscal Sociological Theory of Tax Evasion on the Basis of Adam Smith and Otto Veit – Helge Peukert: Justi’s Moral Economics and his System of Taxation (1766) – Helge Peukert: Fritz Karl Mann (1883-1979) – Helge Peukert: Critical Remarks on Joseph E. Stiglitz.