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Therapeutic and Prophetic Narratives in Worship

A Hermeneutic Study of Testimonies and Visions. Their Potential Significance for Christian Worship and Secular Society


Jean-Daniel Plüss

Contents: Introduction - Part I: Theoretical Clarifications. Theological Relevance of Narrative: From Narrative to Myth in Theology - Philosophical Clarifications: Religious Meaning Disclosed in Narrative Language and Common Time - On the Phenomenon of Secularization: The Relationship between Secular Biography and Religious Testimony - Part II: A Hermeneutic of Therapeutic and Porphetic Narratives. Toward a Practical Hermeneutic of Testimony: Morphology, Metaphor, Metamorphosis - On the Value of Visionary Narratives in Pluralist Communities: Structure, Reception and Intentionality - Accessible Liturgy: Theological and Liturgical Consequences - Postlude.