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Studies in English and European Historical Dialectology


Marina Dossena and Roger G. Lass

Contents: Marina Dossena/Roger Lass: Introduction – Roger Lass: Richard M. Hogg: In memoriam – Pieter van Reenen/Margit Rem/Evert Wattel: The Localization of Medieval Texts of Unknown Provenance – Hermann Moisl: Using Electronic Corpora in Historical Dialectology Research: The Problem of Document Length Variation – Roger Lass/Margaret Laing: Databases, Dictionaries and Dialectology. Dental Instability in Early Middle English: A Case Study – María José Carrillo-Linares/Edurne Garrido-Anes: Middle English Word Geography: External Sources for Investigating the Field – Julia Fernández Cuesta/Mª Nieves Rodríguez Ledesma: The Northern Echo: Continuities in Contemporary Northern English – Robert McColl Millar: The Origins of the Northern Scots Dialects – Nicholas Brownlees: Welsh English in English Civil War Pamphlets – Adrian Pablé: Reconstructing the History of Two Colonial New England Terms of Address: Goodman and Goodwife.