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The East-West Discourse

Symbolic Geography and its Consequences


Alexander Maxwell

Contents: Alexander Maxwell: Introduction. Bridges and Bulwarks: A Historiographic Overview of East-West Discourses – Glyn Parry: Conceptions of the East: Medieval and Early Modern Europe – Florian Gassner: Becoming a Western Nation: German National Identity and the Image of Russia – Andrew Kier Wise: Russia as Poland’s Civilizational «Other» – Vesna Drapac: Yugoslav Studies and the East-West Dichotomy – Sacha Davis: East-West Discourses in Transylvania: Transitional Erdély, German-Western Siebenbürgen or Latin-Western Ardeal? – Christopher Browning/Marko Lehti: Geographic Centrality and Marginality: East, West and North in Finnish Symbolic Geography – Mehmet Dosemeci: How Turkey Became a Bridge between «East» and «West»: The EEC and Turkey’s Great Westernization Debate, 1960-1980 – Nelly Bekus: East, West or «In Between»? Three Post-Communist Concepts of the Belarusian Nation.