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Ethnicity and the long-term perspective

The African experience


Alexander Keese

Contents: Alexander Keese: Introduction – Eduardo Medeiros/José Capela: Processes of Identity-Building in the Zambesi Valley: Ethnic Solidarity and the Zambesian Ethos – Malyn Newitt: Kinship, Religion, Language and Political Control: Ethnic Identity among the Peoples of the Zambesi Valley – Felicitas Becker: Vernacular Ethnic Stereotypes: Their Persistence and Change in Southeast Tanzania, ca. 1890-2003 – Paul Nugent: The Historicity of Ethnicity: Mandinka/Jola and Ewe/Agotime Identities in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries – Philip J. Havik: Tchon I Renansa: Colonial Governance, Appointed Chiefs and Political Change in ‘Portuguese Guinea’ – Alexander Keese: Who’s King Tom? Being a ‘Temne’, ‘Mandinka’ or ‘Susu’ between Identity, Solidarity and Ethnic Shifts in Early Nineteenth-Century Sierra Leone.