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Recent Developments in Economic Crime

Roland Baumbusch

The present volume examines in depth the salient features of prevailing criminal trends in economic life. Beyond the author's interest in illuminating the practice of economic crime, he diagnoses its social and political origin, showing how the interplay of various forces alone explains its occurrence in such manifold forms as money and credit fraud, tax offences, subsidy deception, illegal employment and insolvency crime. Of special interest in the present context is the section dealing with computer fraud. In addition, the growing awareness of the environment in recent times has led the author to focus attention on economic criminality in this field too.
Contents: The social origins of growing economic criminality - On the systematization of economic crime - White-Collar Criminal offenders as individuals and groups - Qualitative aspects of economic crime - Computer crime - Money and credit fraud - Tax and impost offences - Subsidy fraud - Corruption - Illegal employment - Offences against competition laws - Insolvency crime - Environmental offences - Offences in the protection of industrial property rights.