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De-Americanizing Drug Policy

The Search for Alternatives for failed Repression

Lorenz Böllinger

The «War on Drugs» has failed totally. Militant prohibitionism not only fails to guard public health and public safety. It actually harms users in their health and their human rights. Worldwide drug policy has been dominated by the U.S. through the U.N. and by all sorts of economical and political pressure. Some countries in Europe have cautiously moved away from American hegemony in the field of illegal drugs. This book gives insight into how and why the actual drug policy does so much harm. It also shows the way out of the dilemma: various adequate kinds of specific regulation. Possible outcomes and disfunctions of a legalizing policy are outlined. Thus the book becomes an indispensable resource for political counseling.
Contents: History of U.S. drug policy and world wide hegemony - Evolution of antiprohibitionist and harm-reducing alternatives in Europe - Outcomes and problems of harm reduction approaches.