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Religionizing, Romanizing Romantics: The Catholico-Christian Camouflage of the Early German Romantics: Wackenroder, Tieck, Novalis, Friedrich & August Wilhelm Schlegel


Siegmar Hellerich

Contents: Rationalism and the French Revolution humiliate the papacy - Romanticism revives Catholicism - I. Wackenroder & Tieck: Morning Stars of the Catholic Revival - II. Novalis' Mediaevalizing and Catholicizing; his Mariolatry - III. Fr. Schlegel: From Atheism to Pantheism to Catholicism - IV. A. W. Schlegel: A Pagan Protestant Catholicizing from an Artistic Point of View as did other Romantics like Chézy, Loeben, Schelling, Steffens and other Romantics.