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Governance and Marketisation in Vocational and Continuing Education


Rudolf Husemann and Anja Heikkinen

Contents: Rudolf Husemann/Anja Heikkinen: Preface – Rudolf Husemann/Maija Vesala-Husemann: Governance as a Model of Analysis and Driving Force for Vocational and Adult Education – Katrin Kraus: Education, Social Policy and Governance - An Analysis of the Third Way – Leena Koski: Female Entrepreneurs in the Learning Society – Anja Heikkinen: The Making of Europe of the Learning Organisations – Terri Seddon: The Impact of Globalisation and Marketisation on Vocational Education: A Governance Perspective on Education Change – Stephen Drodge: Institutional, Local, Regional and National Dynamics in the new English Skill System – Svein Michelsen/Håkon Høst: Building the New Governance in Norwegian Apprenticeship Organisation – Richard D. Lakes: Marketing Schools as Local Partners: Vocational Education and the Charter School Model in a USA Setting – Liv Mjelde/Richard Daly: Development and Contradictions in the Norwegian VET Reforms of the 1990s as Reflected in the Fields of the Buildung Trades and Hairdressing – Ole Johnny Olsen: The Firm as a Place of Learning in Vocational Education. Results from Studies of Norwegian VET – Markus Weil: ‘The Learning Region’ in Germany - Regional Networks as the New Forms of Governance in Adult Learning? A Case Study – Beatrix Niemeyer: Marketisation vs. Education? - A Case Study on the Micro Level of a German Programme for Vocational Preparation.