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City Images and Urban Regeneration


Frank Eckardt and Peter Kreisl

Contents: Frank Eckardt/Peter Kreisl: Introduction – Dieter Hassenpflug: Some Remarks on Urban Signs and Symbols in History – Rob Atkinson/Frank Eckardt: Urban Policies in Europe: the Development of a New Conventional Wisdom? – Achim Prossek: A Coal Mine is not a Coal Mine: Image Improvement and Symbolic Representation of the Ruhr Area – Thomas Niedomysl/Lars-Erik Borgegård: Marketing the North: Place Marketing to attract In-migrants to the Northern Parts of Sweden – Antonella Bruzzese: Images in Action. City-Image Making in Processes of Urban Transformations – Mikołaj Madurowic/Marek Pieniążek: Changes in the Management of Urban Space in the Eyes of the Inhabitants of Warsaw – Philippe Fayeton: Icons and Myths of Future Urban Districts – Leonel Fadigas: Images, Memory and Urban Regeneration – Ivonne de Notaris/Elisa Pozzoli: Urban Regeneration Policies in a Medium-sized City of Southern Italy: Salerno, a Town in Transformation and the Strength of Images – Jörg Knieling: Big Projects, Festivalisation and Visions as Strategies of Urban Planning in Global Times - Case Study Metropolis Hamburg – Angelika Psenner: The Production of Urban Space. A Field Study on Visual Perception of Architectural Space – Brigitte Schwab: The Rise of Urban Symbols through Cultural Policies. Three Flagship Cultural Projects between Internationalisation Strategies and Local Resistance – Lars Bölling: Creating «Spatial Identity»: A Way to improve the Periphery? – Julia Müller: Viewing Gentrification: A Photographic Study of Prenzlauer Berg in Berlin.