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Differentiation in the Modern Languages Classroom


Manuel Jiménez Raya and Terry Lamb

Contents: Manuel Jiménez Raya/Terry Lamb: Dealing with diversity in the modern languages class – Amanda Barton/Peter Downes: Differentiation and gender: boys and language learning – Julie Adams: Diversity and the place of foreign language learning on the school curriculum – Lindsey Smethem: Listening – Antonio Bueno González: Considering diversity in the teaching of speaking – Philip Hood: Differentiation in the reading classroom – Graeme Porte: Addressing diversity by diversion: individual revision in writing as a collaborative venture – Anne Convery: Managing differentiation in the modern languages classroom – Ramon Ribé: Individual differences in the FL classroom: a pedagogical perspective – Do Coyle: Managing the differentiated classroom: differentiation and learner autonomy – Terry Lamb: Individualising learning: organising a flexible learning environment – Manuel Jiménez Raya: Learning to learn for diverse learners – M. Sagrario Salaberri/Gabriela Appel: Assessment and diversity: development of personal identities through portfolios.