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Corpus Linguistics by the Lune

A Festschrift for Geoffrey Leech


Andrew Wilson, Paul Rayson and Tony McEnery

Contents: Bas Aarts/Evelien Keizer/Mariangela Spinillo/Sean Wallis: Which or what? A study of interrogative determiners in present-day English – Karin Aijmer: Discourse particles in contrast: the case of in fact and actually – Dawn Archer/Jonathan Culpeper: Sociopragmatic annotation: New directions and possibilities in historical corpus linguistics – Ylva Berglund/Oliver Mason: «But this formula doesn’t mean anything...!?» – Douglas Biber/Susan Conrad/Viviana Cortes: Lexical bundles in speech and writing: an initial taxonomy – Raymond Hickey: Tracking lexical change in present-day English – Barbara Lewandowska-Tomaszczyk/Michael P. Oakes/Paul Rayson: Annotated Corpora for Assistance with English-Polish Translation – Stanley E. Porter/Matthew B. O’Donnell: Theoretical issues for corpus linguistics and the study of ancient languages – Helena Raumolin-Brunberg: Temporal aspects of language change: what can we learn from the CEEC? – Geoffrey Sampson: Reflections of a dendrographer – Hans-Jörg Schmid: Do women and men really live in different cultures? Evidence from the BNC – Mark Sebba/Susan Dray: Is it Creole, is it English, is it valid? Developing and using a corpus of unstandardised written language – Mick Short: A Corpus-based Approach to Speech, Thought and Writing Presentation – Jean Véronis: Sense tagging: does it make sense? – Anne Wichmann/Richard Cauldwell: Wh Questions and attitude: the effect of context.