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Africa and Europe: En/Countering Myths

Essays on Literature and Cultural Politics


Carlotta von Maltzan

Contents: Carlotta von Maltzan: Introduction: En/Countering Myths – Thokozile Chaane: Hide and Seek – Lutz van Dijk: Black Inspiration – Renate Welsh: My African Myths – Gcina Mhlophe: Fly, Hat, Fly! – Gunther Pakendorf: Travellers at the Cape, and what they saw – Mawuena Logan: The Image of Africa in the Age of Imperialism and Beyond: The Myth of Postcolonial Africa – Kathleen Thorpe: «The state and dignity of an English Gentleman». Thoughts on King Solomon’s Mines by H. Rider Haggard – Bert Olivier: Edgar Rice Burroughs’s Tarzan - Myth and/or Critique? – Catherine du Toit: Beyond the Mask: Guy de Maupassant in Algeria – Karen Bouwer: Werewere Liking’s It Shall Be of Jasper and Coral: Of Skins and Masks – Violet B. Lunga: Of Hair Identities: Stretching Postcolonial Cultural Identities – Suzanne de Villiers-Human: Art and Magic: The Mask of Wildness – Kennedy C. Chinyowa: Battling between Alienation and Desire: Images of «European-ness/Western-ness» in Contemporary Zimbabwean Literature – Lynda Morgan: Landscapes of Guilt and Desire in the Novels of Thirza Nash – Raylene Ramsay: Under the Influence? The Work of Mariama Bâ, Tradition, Islam and the Universal – Pamela S. Saur: European Literary Encounters with North Africa’s Physical Environment – Joachim Garbe: Healing and Destructive Powers of the Desert in the Works of Ingeborg Bachmann and Tayeb Salih – Nadja D. Krämer: Hans Grimm’s Afrikafahrt West: A Journey into the Unknown? – Ingrid Laurien: «A Land of Promise?» Autobiography and Fiction in Frieda von Bülow’s East-African Novels – Ulrike Auga: Cultural Politics in South Africa in Transition. Or, Multiculturalism and Economic Policy – Ulrike Kistner: Apartheid and Fascism, Racism and Anti-Semitism: The Political History of a Comparison – John McAllister: «These White Men Know Everything»: Technology Encounters, Comedy and Ambivalence in African Exploration – Dominique Bediako: Reading African Literature in Germany – Robert Buranello: Tra i reticolati: The Literature of Italian Prisoners of War in South Africa – Alida Poeti: Black Harlequin: Italian Theatre Crossing Cultural Boundaries.