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Towards a Common European Immigration Policy

Reports and Discussions of a Symposium held in Trier on October 24th and 25th, 2002


Bernd von Hoffmann

Contents: Rainer Münz: Migration and Demographic Change in Europe – Karin Oellers-Frahm: National Immigration Policies in Comparative Perspective – Felicita Medved: A Common European Immigration Policy or How Common is Common Enough? – Christian Calliess: The Constitutional Framework of a Common European Immigration Policy - Paving the Way to Fortress Europe? – Anastasios Bisopoulos: Immigration and Labour Market Policies in the European Union: What Prospects and What Policies? A Challenge Europe is Facing Today – Joanna Apap: Shaping Europe’s Migration Policy: A Comparative Analysis of Member States’ «Green Card» Legislation: A Comparison of Strategies in Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands and the UK – Heinz Werner: The Integration of Foreign Workers into the Labour Market: An EU Perspective – Sandrine van der Velde: Three Paradoxes in the Community Right to Family Reunification for Migrant Workers – Albrecht Weber/Anne Walter: The Right of Protection of Family for Migrants in Europe: Access and Integration of Family Reunion – Christine Langenfeld: Social Rights for Immigrants – Wolfgang Klooß: Historicizing/Contemporizing Multiculturalism in English-Canadian Literature.