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The Role of Minorities in the Development Process


Armin Bohnet and Matthias Höher

Contents: Volkmar Köhler: Minorities as a target group of development policy measures – Jenniver Jackson-Preece: Deconstructing the «Problem of Minorities» – Walter Leimgruber: The Right To Diversity: Human Rights from a Geographical Point of View – Michael Toch: The Role of Minorities in the Development Process: Jews in Medieval Germany and Europe – Thomas Heberer: Ethnic Entrepreneurs as Agents of Social Change - the Impact of Ethnic Entrepreneurship on Social Change and Ethnicity. A Case Study among the Yi in Liangshan Autonomous prefecture in China – Alula Pankhurst: Social Exclusion and Cultural Marginalisation: Minorities of craftworkers and hunters in Ethiopia – Judith Möllers: Survival Strategies of Ethnic Minorities in the Highlands of Northern Thailand - Case Studies from Chiang Rai Province – Einhardt Schmidt-Kallert: The Integration of Minorities in Deprived Neighbourhoods in Germany - Some Lessons from the Programme «The Socially Integrative City» – Martin Habel: The Adivasi Development Program Gujarat – Vladimir Montoya: Being a minority among others hegemony discourse. Indigenous people confronting ethnic politics in Guainia.