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Eastward Enlargement of the European Union

Economic Aspects


Gustav Dieckheuer and Boguslaw Fiedor

Contents: Marian Noga: Objectives of the European Union in the Light of the Lisbon Agenda – Gustav Dieckheuer/Marcel Mlakar/Ute Stemmann: Trade Creation and Trade Diversion by EU Enlargement with Special Reference to Poland – Bogusław Fiedor/Andrzej Matysiak: Globalization and Integration of the World Economy and Eastward Enlargement of the European Union – Maria Piotrowska: Poland’s Accession to the EU in the Macroeconomic Perspective – Eric Ringhut/Philipp Gerlach: Poland’s Way to EMU - Prospects, Risks and Chances – Thomas Apolte: Social Policy and Income Redistribution between Harmonization and Competition in an Enlarged European Union – Jerzy Rymarczyk: Poland’s Adjustment to the European Union Foreign Economic Policy – Irena Kociszewska/Karol Kociszewski: The Economic Conditions of the Polish Agriculture Ecologization in the Light of Adjustments towards EU-Membership – Bożena Baborska/Mikołaj Klimczak/Michał Narożny: Issues of Arable Land Acquisition by Foreigners and the Implementation of Common Agricultural Policy in Poland in the Course of Accession Negotiations – Franciszek Adamczuk/Jan Rymarczyk: Local Aspects of European Integration on the Example of Zgorzelec / Görlitz Cross-Border Co-Operation – Franciszek Adamczuk/Jan Rymarczyk: Transborder Cooperation in Europe based on the Example of Poland and Germany – Andrzej Graczyk/Zbigniew Jakubczyk: Development of the Electrical Energy Market in Poland in Terms of European Integration – Eric C. Meyer: Decision Power in the European Council - The Impact of EU Enlargement – Aloys Prinz: The Value Added Tax (VAT) in the European Union: Concept, Development and some Problems.