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Paths of Urban Transformation


Frank Eckardt

Contents: Frank Eckardt: Paths of Urban Transformation (Introduction) – Ákos Szépvölgyi: Effects of transition to a knowledge-based society on the Hungarian regional development – Maciej Smętkowski: New Relationships between the Metropolis and the Region in Information Economy: Warsaw Metropolitan Region - A Case Study – Ognjen Čaldarović: Patterns of urbanization and the question of multiculturalism and territorialization: an example in transitional society (Croatia) – Konrad Miciukiewicz: Transformation of Łódź: Seeking for a New Region – Jana Temelová: High Profile Buildings: Help-mates in international and local competition. The Case of Prague – Ileana Hapenciuc Blum: Urban Regeneration in a Post-Communist City. The Case of Bucharest – Lubica Vitkova: The Case of Commercial Investments in Bratislava region (Slovak Republic) – Vera Marin: Inhabiting the Outskirts of Bucharest «Old» Socialist Housing Estates versus «New» Capitalist Suburbia Developments – Martin Ouředníček: New suburban development in the Post-socialist city: The Case of Prague – Olga Mrinska: Regions in Transition: New Roles in a Global Economy. The Case of Ukraine – Yani Valkanov: Suburbanisation in Sofia: Changing Spatial Structure of a Post-communist City – Gábor Soós/Györgyi Ignits: Suburbanization and its consequences in the Budapest Metropolitan Area – Anna Karwinska: Constructing the «city of mine» within the globalised space – Elena Vesselinov: Housing Inequality: Changes of First-Order in Sofia, Bulgaria – Enkeleida Tahiraj/Elidor Mehilli/Luan Deda: Tirana Urban Challenges – Marjan Hočevar/Matjaž Uršič/Drago Kos/Franc Trček: Changing of the Slovene Urban System: Specific Socio-Spatial Trends and Antiurban Public Values / Attitudes.