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Communicating Ideologies:

Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Language, Discourse, and Social Practice


Martin Pütz, JoAnne Neff van Aertselaer and Teun A. van Dijk

Contents: Teun van Dijk/JoAnne Neff-van Aertselaer/Martin Pütz: Introduction: Language, discourse and ideology – Teun van Dijk: Discourse, knowledge and ideology: Reformulating old questions and proposing some new solutions – Tahir Wood: Ideology: The power of prior discourse – E.F.K. Koerner: Ideology, ‘Resonanzbedarf’, and linguistic-philological scholarship – Jim Martin: Negotiating difference: Ideology and reconciliation – John McAndrew: Towards a framework for analyzing ideology: Applying intertextuality, heteroglossia and systemic functional linguistics – Begoña Núñez Perucha: Ideology, cognition and discourse revisited: Exploring counter-ideologies – Ulrike Altendorf: Language change and changing ideologies in and around RP – Ruth Wodak/Gilbert Weiss: Visions, ideologies and utopias in the discursive construction of European identities: Organizing, representing and legitimizing Europe – Simo K. Määttä: The European Union and the promotion of regional or minority languages: Ideologies of language in EC law and EU language policies – John Edwards: Ecolinguistic ideologies: A critical perspective – Terry Crowley: What can linguistics do for Pacific languages – Christa van der Walt: Globalization-speak in higher education: How we talk about lifelong learning – Lisa Philips Valentine/Allan K. McDougall: Constructing equality: Ideological transformation in Canadian political discourse – Montserrat Ribas Bisbal: Dominant public discourse and social identities: Immigration in Catalan parliamentary discourse – Donella Antelmi/Francesca Santulli: The construction of agreement as a rhetorical strategy: An example of political communication in Italy – Albina Levanova: Ideological premises in political discourse generation: An example from Russia – Susana M. Sotillo: Political discourse in cyberspace and outcomes in real time – Wolfgang Hünig: Political cartoons in the First World War: British and German perspectives – JoAnne Neff-van Aertselaer: Dialogic turbulence in social change advertising: Church versus state in Spain – Svetlana Kurteš: Semantics of hate speech: A model of analysis – Gerda Lauerbach: Statements to the press: Ideology in argumentative strategies and rhetorical stance – Raimund Schieß: «Too close to call»: CNN’s politics of captions in the coverage of the Florida recount.