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Adult Education and Globalisation: Past and Present

The Proceedings of the 9 th International Conference on the History of Adult Education


Barry J. Hake, Bastiaan van Gent and József Katus

Contents: Barry J. Hake: Introduction: Globalisation and transformations in the past and present of adult learning – Tom Steele: Scientific societies, European popular education and the public sphere – Barry J. Hake/Folke Glastra/Petra Schedler: Workers as travellers, migrants, and refugees: Border-crossings and the construction of proletarian public spheres in Europe before the Second World War – Robert Turner: The globalisation of the tutorial class movement and adult education in Scotland, 1907-1939 – Bastiaan van Gent: Lessons in unity: Cultural education and social cohesion – Franz Pöggeler: Globalisation through the transfer of adult education between cultures: Perspectives of past and present – Elke Theile: The ‘other globalisation’: Adult education as peace work – József Katus: Civil society’s cognitive practice: The Dutch census case from a globalisation perspective – Folke J. Glastra/Petra E. Schedler/Barry J. Hake: Transitional learning in the information society – Peter Jarvis: Lifelong learning and active citizenship in a global society: An analysis of the European Union’s lifelong learning policy – Tom Vanwing/Ton Notten: Functional, participatory and expressive ambitions: The dilemmas of Europe’s lifelong learning policy – Maria Bouverne-De Bie/An Piessens: Determining the needs for adult education in the context of globalisation – Renata Čepić/Jasna Krstović: Adult literacy and globalisation: Issues and challenges in adult education – Karl Pütz: Globalisation, rationalisation and structural change: Consequences for job-markets and employment in Europe – John J.W. Aitchison: Brak!: vision, mirage and reality in the post-apartheid globalisation of South African adult education and training – Anthony Cooke: From adult education to lifelong learning: Changing policy frameworks for adult education in Scotland, 1975-2002 – Larissa Jõgi: Adult education in Estonia: Developments and trends, 1991-2002 – Éva Farkas: Transformation of vocational education and training policy in Hungary.