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Universalization of Human Rights?

The Effectiveness of Western Human Rights Policies towards Developing Countries after the Cold War- With Case Studies on China


Miao-ling Hasenkamp

Contents: Understanding International Human Rights Politics – A Multi-Paradigm Synthesis – International Human Rights in the Context of North-South Relations – Sources of Conflicts in Human Rights Practices: the Conflict of Values, the Conflict of Interests, and an Ontological Approach to Address Conflicts – Western Policies: Motivations and Preferences, Levels for Governmental Actions and Policy Options – U.S. Human Rights Policy toward China: Preferences, Actors, and the Evaluation of (De)linkage and Engagement Policies – The Common Foreign Policy of the European Union of Human Rights toward China: the Legal Framework, Actors, and Approaches – Western Influence in International Regimes - a Case Study on the China Issue.