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The Economics of On-Farm Conservation of Crop Diversity in Ethiopia

Incentives, Attribute Preferences and Opportunity Costs of Maintaining Local Varieties of Crops


Edilegnaw Wale Zegeye

Contents: Overview of Variety Use and Crop Diversity Conservation in Ethiopia – Data Collection Methodology and Insights on Farmers’ Variety Choice – Conservation of Crop Diversity and Economic Development: Issues, Paradigms and Economic Theories – Economic Analysis of Farmers’ Incentives to Diversify on Local Sorghum Varieties – Farmers’ Coffee Variety Attribute Preferences, Demand for Local Varieties and Incentives for Poly-Variety – The Opportunity Cost of Maintaining Sorghum and Wheat of Local Varieties of Farmers’ Fields – Thinking beyond the Boundary of Farmers: National Level On-Farm Conservation Costs and the Institutional Incentive Design in Ethiopia.