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For the Loue of Inglis Lede


Marcin Krygier and Liliana Sikorska

Contents: D. Gary Miller: The morphosyntactic legacy of Scand-English contact – Rafał Molencki: The use of the pluperfect tense in Early Middle English – Saara Nevanlinna: Observations on assonance of fricative consonants in the rhymes of scribal manuscripts of LME verse – Matylda Włodarczyk-Golka: Reported speech analysis in a historical pragmatic perspective: In search of a database – Liliana Sikorska: Imagining heaven: Visions of bliss in medieval mystical discourse – Andrzej Wicher: The Breton lay and the tale of magic: A preliminary attempt at arriving at the internal unity and ideology of selected Breton lays – Barbara Kowalik: Addressing God in Middle English lyrics – Rafał Borysławski: The co(s)mic space in Chaucer’s «Knight’s Tale».