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New Forms of Work Organisation and Industrial Relations in Southern Europe


Francesco Garibaldo and Volker Telljohann

Contents: Francesco Garibaldo/Volker Telljohann: Introduction – Peter Totterdill: The Green Paper and the European Union. A Critical Assessment – Peter Brödner: New Forms of Work Organisation and Competitiveness - Southern Europe’s Need to Catch Up – Henri Rouilleault: Ageing Workforce: A New Stake for Organizational Renewal in Europe – Rainer Greca: Public Administration and SMEs in Programs Supported by the European Commission – Maria José Sousa: Emergence of Organisational Innovation. Portuguese Public Polices – Juan Monreal/Carmina Pérez: Training and Work Organisation – Christos A. Ioannou: Why Modern Work Organisation is Missing from South European Public Policies? The Case of Greece – Norbert Kluge: Organisational Innovation and Industrial Relations - The Impact of the European Provisions on Obligatory Workers’ Involvement – Francesco Garibaldo: Dissemination of the Green Paper in Italy – Volker Telljohann: Organisational Innovation and Participation Models - The Italian Case – Antonio Martin Artiles: Work Organisation and Reorganisation of Working Time: Time Account Management – Chris Jecchinis: New Forms of Work Organisation as Part of EU Policy to Promote Competitiveness and Employability: The Greek Experience – Jan Ottosson: Restructuring Processes and New Forms of Work Organisation in South Europe - Convergence or Divergence? An Overview – Ilona Kovács/Maria da Conceição Cerdeira: Corporate Restructuring, Work Organisation and Labour Relations in Portugal – Emilio Bartezzaghi/Raffaella Cagliano: The Diffusion of New Forms of Work Organization in Italy: An Open Debate – Kevin P. O'Kelly: Summary of the Conference – Jeremy Hague/Friso den Hertog/Tony Huzzard/Peter Totterdill: Instruments and Methodologies – Oscar Marchisio: The Making of Brands – Thoralf Ulrik Qvale: The Role of the Policy Level – Göran Brulin/Eskil Ekstedt: Towards a New Work Organisation Contract in Sweden - The Need for a Legitimising Process – Antonio La Forgia: The Role of the Policy Level - Reflection by a Policy Maker – Wolfgang Potratz/Michaela Evans: Industrialising the Services? – Francesco Garibaldo: Methodologies and Instruments: Food for Thought.