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Chinese and Western Business Cultures

A Comparison and Contrast


Michael B. Hinner

Contents: Michael B. Hinner: General Introduction: Seeking to Harmonize the Conflicting Images of China – Dirk Hohnberg: Ethnical Stereotypes May Be Crucial for the Successful Preparation Process of Intercultural Business Situations – Gregor Miroslawski: Market Entrance in China within the Context of Intercultural Communication – Norma Möller: Intercultural Differences in Management Processes of Sino-German Joint Ventures – Xu Huaning: Business Communication in China – Zhu Jianxin: Cultural Differences between China and Other Countries – Shanna Kistaubayeva: Intercultural Business Communication as Demonstrated by a Joint Venture between Germany and China – Ma Zheng: A Study of East-Asian Corporate Culture.