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Introduction to Business Communication


Michael B. Hinner

Contents: Michael B. Hinner: General Introduction: Can Quality Communication Improve Business Relationships? – Arthur B. VanGundy: «Structuring the Fuzz»: The Design of Ideation for New Product Ideas – Arthur B. VanGundy: Overcoming Productivity Losses in Brainstorming and Brainwriting Groups – Charles R. Berger: Planning Theory and Strategic Communication: Achieving Goals Through Communicative Action – Klaus Krippendorff: Monologue, Dialogue, and Ecological Narrative – Gert Jan Hostede: A Bridge Requires a Gap – Myron W. Lustig/Jolene Koester: Cultural Patterns and Intercultural Communication – Larry A. Samovar/Richard E. Porter: Understanding Intercultural Communication: An Introduction and Overview – Debbie D. DuFrene/Carol M. Lehman: The Pursuit of Unity in Diversity: Overcoming Challenges in Intercultural Communication – Judith N. Martin/Rita Wuebbeler: Contributions to International Business Practices – Edwin R. McDaniel: Culture and Communication in Japanese Organizations – Geert Hofstede: The Universal and the Specific in 21st Century Management – Marieke De Mooij: Convergence and Divergence in Consumer Behaviour: Implications for Global Advertising – Felipe Korzenny/Betty Ann Korzenny: A Psycho-Socio-Cultural Approach to Hispanic Market Research in the United States – Felipe Korzenny: To Translate Or Not to Translate, That is the Nagging Problem! – Olaf Werder: Culture and Corporate Communication: The Influence of Values on Media Perceptions and Reporting Styles of Coca-Cola’s Reaction to the 1999 Poison Crisis in Europa – Young Yun Kim: Adapting to an Unfamiliar Culture. An Interdisciplinary Overview – William B. Gudykunst: Theories of Intercultural Communication.