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Holistic Approaches to Language Learning


Christine Penman

Contents: Christine Penman: Holistic approaches to language learning – Gerhard Bach: Whole person, whole language - fragmented theories: common and scientific paradigms of holistic language learning – Nikola Mayer: The contribution of holism to language teaching – Ana Halbach: Involving the whole person in the whole process of language learning – Astrid Dahnken: The learner’s view of second language learning and implications for second language teaching – James S. Munro: «You teach with the whole of you»: some reflections from the chalk face – Daniela Sime: Perceiving the whole teacher: speaking and gesturing in the language class – Jean E. Conacher: New learning environments: holistic approach or challenge? – Karin Vogt: Dimensions of complexity in computer-mediated intercultural communication – Emilie Grinan: Expérience pédagogique à distance entre natifs et non natifs: perspective holistique dans l’interprétation des données – Marion Spöring: «I found myself hiding there between the lines»: holistic approaches within a Virtual Learning Environment for language teaching professionals – Nikola Mayer/Britta Viebrock: First Encounters: holism as a central concept for experiencing foreign languages in kindergarten – Daniela Elsner: Teaching and learning English vocabulary in the foreign language primary classroom: the German context – Christine Penman: Towards a holistic evaluation of communicative ability in tandem interactions – Richard Johnstone: Holistic language learning from the present into the future.