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The Cognitive Basis of Polysemy

New Sources of Evidence for Theories of Word Meaning


Marina Rakova, Gergely Pethö and Csilla Rákosi

Contents: Ekaterini Klepousniotou: Reconciling Linguistics and Psycholinguistics: On the Psychological Reality of Linguistic Polysemy – Gregory L. Murphy: Parsimony and the Psychological Representation of Polysemous Words – Raymond W. Gibbs, Jr./Julia E. Lonergan: Identifying, Specifying and Processing Metaphorical Word Meanings – Anna A. Zalizniak: The Phenomenon of Polysemy and Ways to Describe It – Gergely Pethő: On Irregular Polysemy – Georges Kleiber: Polysemy, Transfers of Meaning and Integrated Metonymy – Mária Ladányi: Systematic Polysemy of Verbs in Hungarian – Ronnie Cann/Patricia Mabugu: Constructional Polysemy: the Applicative Construction in ChiShona – Balás Szilárd: Remarks on the Aspectual Polysemy of the Hungarian Verbal Particle el ‘away/off’.