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Supporting Independent Language Learning

Issues and Interventions


Terry Lamb and Hayo Reinders

Contents: Sophie Bailly/Maud Ciekanski: Learning as Identity in Practice: the Role of the Learner-Advisor Relationship in a Supported Self-directed Learning Structure – Marie-José Gremmo/Desirée Castillo: Advising in a Multilingual Setting: New Perspectives for the Role of the Advisor – Shawn Loewen: Autonomy and Language Learning Behaviour: the Role of Student Initiation in Meaning-focused L2 Lessons – Cynthia White: Robinson Crusoe and the Challenges of Supported Distance Language Learning – Bruce Morrison: Mapping a Self-access Language Learning Centre – Terry Lamb: Supporting Independence: Students’ Perceptions of Self-management – Manuel Jiménez Raya: Autonomy Support through Learning Journals – Marina Mozzon-McPherson/Cathy Dantec: Managing Language Learning at University: an Analysis of a Strategy-based Training Programme – Sarah Toogood/Richard Pemberton: Scaffolding for Self-Access Language Learning and the FTG Model – Sabine Gläsmann: Buddy up! - Encouraging Online Collaboration in University Language Learning – Hayo Reinders: Supporting Independent Learning through an Electronic Learning Environment – Phil Benson/Jing Huang: Autonomy in Language Learning: a Thematic Bibliography.