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Fiction and Autobiography

Modes and Models of Interaction


Sabine Coelsch-Foisner and Wolfgang Görtschacher

Contents: Martin Löschnigg: Narratological Perspectives on ‘Fiction and Autobiography’ – Pascal Nicklas: Autobiographical Counterfeiters: Contextualizing De Quincey and Freud – Leena Kurvet-Käosaar: Tracing Desire in the Diaries of Virginia Woolf, Aino Kallas, and Anaïs Nin – Martina Horáková: Communal Auto/Biographies in Australian Aboriginal Women’s Writing: Sally Morgan’s My Place – Effie Botonaki: The Self and the World in Early Modern English Autobiographical Writings: A Comparative Study of Male and Female Texts – Sarolta Marinovich-Resch: (Self)-Portraits of the Artist as a Young Woman: Representations of the Female Artist in the New Woman Künstlerroman of the 1890s – Nóra Séllei: Confession and Autobiography in Mary McCarthy’s Memories of a Catholic Girlhood – Smatie Yemenedzi-Malathouni: Autobiography Politics in Seventeenth-Century New England – Joseph Eugene Mullin: Sherman Himself in His Memoirs – Christopher Smith: Thomas Hardy’s Enigma Variations: Life, The Life and A Pair of Blue Eyes – Heiko Zimmermann: E.M. Forster’s Autobiographies: Modes of Telling a Life in Fiction – Thomas F. Schneider: Autobiography into Fiction: Attempts at Authenticity in (German) Literature about the Great War – Robert Rehder: What Is the Form of Ezra Pound’s The Cantos? – Alenka Koron: Fiction, Autobiography and Memoir Intertwined: The Writings of Frank McCourt and Lojze Kovačič – Gabriele Linke: A Nation on the Re-Make: Autobiographical Texts from the New Scotland and the Formation of Scottish Identity – David Malcolm: «All is true»?: The Functions of Auto/biographical Materials in John McGahern’s Fiction – Julie Campbell: Life as Art: Autobiography as Artistic Creation in Nabokov’s Speak, Memory – Beatrix Hesse: The «Desire to See the Real Man behind the Author»: Looking for Autobiographical Elements in Vladimir Nabokov’s Fiction – Nephie Christodoulides: The Granite and the Rainbow: Facticity and Ficticity in Helene Deutsch’s Confrontations with Myself: An Epilogue – Sarah Herbe: «Need I say that I am speaking of my own life journey?»: Frances Bellerby’s Autobiography and the Autobiographical Aspect in Her Prose Fiction – Aparajita Nanda: Identity Politics and the Voice of Autobiography in Sky Lee’s Disappearing Moon Cafe – Gulshan Taneja: Nation, History, Self: The Case of Nirad Chaudhuri – Nina Bosničová: Truth in Richard Wright’s Black Boy (American Hunger) and Zora Neale Hurston’s Dust Tracks on a Road – Krystyna Stamirowska: Versions of Autobiography in B.S. Johnson’s Novels – Ines Detmers: F(r)iction(s) and F(r)action(s): Ted Hughes’s Imaginary Autobiography in Verse – Merle Tönnies: Radicalising Postmodern Biofictions: British Fictional Autobiography of the Twenty-First Century – Stefan Herbrechter: Auto/bi(o)graphy.