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Spoiling the Cannibals’ Fun?

Cannibalism and Cannibalisation in Culture and Elsewhere


Wojciech Kalaga and Tadeusz Rachwal

Contents: Lance Rhoades: The Spectre and Spectacle of Cannibalism in Consumerist Society – Helen Day: Modest Proposals and Love Supreme: Metaphorical, Literal and Virtual Cannibalism in Capitalist Society – Kathryn Radford: Reading Literary Cannibalism Through Specific Body Parts – Slawomir Masłoń: Having Eaten One’s Ears: On the Fetish Character in Music and the Spectacle of Digestion – Jacek Mydla: Aquinas Eating Caliban on Friday, or the Vagaries of the Theology of Anti-Cannibalism – Marta Zając: Meatology – Kirsti Bohata: Excessive Appetites: Cannibalism and Lesbianism – Liliana Barakońska: (In)Expressible Incorporation. On Melancholy Cannibals – David Schauffler: Cannibalism on Tomtegaten: Who’s Eating Whom in Hamsun’s Hunger? – Stephen Tapscott: Bite Me! Cannibalism and the Uses of Translation – Tadeusz Rachwal: ‘Cannibals All’. On Masters, Misters, and Mistresses – Johan van Wyk: Killing a Story: The Discourse of Cannibalism in the History and Literature of the Basotho – Eugenia Sojka: Cannibalism and Cannibalisation, the Canadian way. Construction of the Native and Multicultural «Other» in Selected Texts and Arts Events – Ewa Domańska: Transhumanation: From Man to Monster. An Exercise in the Hermeneutics of Passage – Katarzyna Ancuta: The Things We Do for Love. Jeffrey Dahmer and Cannibal Love Culture – Katarzyna Więckowska: Space and Temporalization. The Case of Some (Other) Monsters – Zuzanna Szatanik: Alice in Distressland: Melancholy Cannibalism and Melancholy Edibility in The Edible Woman – Paweł Jędrzejko: Melville’s «Universal Cannibalism of the Sea» – Maciej Nowak: Noah, Calamity and Cannibalism - A Moveable Myth. A Study of a Man-Eating Case in Byron and Barnes – Olga Glebowa: Cannibalism and the Construction of the Other in Beowulf and John Gardner’s Grendel – Rafał Borysławski: «Eater of the Dead». Cannibalism in Anglo-Saxon Culture.