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Conflicts in a Transnational World

Lessons from Nations and States in Transformation


Andreas Langenohl and Kirsten Westphal

Contents: Andreas Langenohl/Kirsten Westphal: Introduction: Transnationalization Processes from the Perspective of Nations/States in Transformation – Valerie Bunce: Questioning Assumptions: Transitional Settings and Internationalization – F. Peter Wagner: Sovereignty in Conflict: Conflicts of Sovereignty – Pinar Akcali: Domestic Conflicts over European Integration: The Case of Turkey – Jörn Grävingholt: Sovereignty Questioned from Below: The Quest for Regional Autonomy in Post-Soviet Russia – Kirsten Westphal: Conflicts Between State and Market: The Nexus Between Transnationalization and Transformation and its Implications for Democracy – Elena Alvarez: Coca Production in Peru and its Implications at the National and Local Level – Margarita M. Balmaceda: Economies in Transformation in an Environment of Transnationalization: The Case of Eastern European Energy – Kati Suominen: Selective Liberalization in Response to Transnationalization: The Impact of Rules of Origin in Preferential Tariff Phase-Outs in the EU-Mexican FTA – Andreas Langenohl: Borderlines, Limits, And Closures: The Cultural Study of Transnationalization in Conditioned Nations/States – Zsuzsa Gille: Global Force, Connections, or Vision? The Three Meanings of Europe in Postsocialism – Nikolaus Werz: Populism and Neopopulism in Latin America: A Reaction to Transnationalization? – Martina Ritter: On the Development of the Private and the Public as Transnational Processes in Russia – Andreas Langenohl/Kirsten Westphal: Concluding Remarks: Transnationalization, Transformation, and the Location of the Normative.