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Political Culture, Socialization, Democracy, and Education

Interdisciplinary and Cross-National Perspectives for a New Century


Russell Farnen, Daniel B. German, Henk Dekker and Christ´l De Landtsheer

Contents: Russell F. Farnen: Introduction: Summarizing Themes of Political Socialization, Education, Communications, and Culture – J. Christopher Cohrs/Barbara Moschner: Constructive Patriotism and National Pride in Germany: Similarities and Differences – Alma Caubo/Henk Dekker: International Political Socialization: Public Diplomacy Policies in Ten Countries: Differences and Their Explanations – Russell F. Farnen: Democracy, Authority, and Political Culture in Central and Eastern Europe – Bojan Todosijević/Zsolt Enyedi: Postmaterialism and Authoritarianism in Hungary: Evidence from a Two-generation Study – Dieter Nelles/Armin Nolzen/Heinz Sünker: Children of the Resistance: Living Conditions of Children of Those Politically Persecuted under the Nazi Regime – Linda Shepherd: Reclaiming Public Life: Relationships among Economic Threat, Community Involvement, and Racial Trust – Henry Milner: The Phenomenon of Political Dropouts – Alfonso J. Damico/M. Margaret Conway: Democracy and Associational Life in the US: High School and Beyond – Jungil Gill: Gender Differences in Pre-adult Learning of Participatory Orientations: Comparison of the US, Korea, and Japan – Trond Solhaug: Realistic Participation in Democratic School-institutions or Pseudo-democracy in Norway? Critiquing Two Secondary School Models – Natalya Krasnoboka/Christ’l De Landtsheer: Broadcasting the Orange Revolution: Rhetoric of the Ukrainian Media during the Presidential Campaign – Daniel B. German/Dragan Stefanovic: Political Socialization and Media Use: Period Effects of 9/11, 2001 on Political Participation in the 2002 and 2004 Elections: Toward a Theory on Media and Politics – Andy Koch: Party in the Simulacrum: The German Greens and the Virtual Party Meeting of 2000 – Daniel B. German: Political Socialization, Education, Culture, and Political System.