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Textual and Contextual Studies in Medieval English

Towards the Reunion of Linguistics and Philology


Michiko Ogura

Contents: Michio Hosaka: On Unaccusative Constructions in the History of English – Yoko Iyeiri: The Development of Non-assertive any in The Paston Letters – Tadashi Kotake: Aldred’s Multiple Glosses: Is the Order Significant? – Yoshiyuki Nakao: The Interpretation of Troylus and Criseyde 3.587: ‘syn I moste on yow triste’ – Yuji Nakao: The Demonstrative Pronouns tho, those and thise, these, etc. in the Winchester Malory and Caxton’s Malory – Hiroyuki Nawata: Grammaticalisation and the Economy of Vocabulary Insertion – Michiko Ogura: Element order Varies: Samples from Old English Psalter Glosses – Masayuki Ohkado: On Word Order in Constructions with Two Predicates in Old English Interlinear Glosses – Young-Bae Park: Teaching Medieval English in Korea in the Twenty-first Century – John Scahill: Prose in Motion: Syntactic Change in the Ancrene Wisse – Hironori Suzuki: Effect of Alliteration on Constructions with Complex Predicates in Old English Poetry – Hideki Watanabe: Sword, Fire and Dragon: Polysemous Compounds in Beowulf Reconsidered with Special Reference to nacod nið draca (2273) and þæt wæs modig secg (1812) – Fumiko Yoshikawa: Middle English Verbs with both Impersonal Use and Reflexive Use.